Online Guitar Lessons – What Should Beginners Learn First?

Tube Screamer TS808 - $180As a professional guitar teacher I can tell you that most beginners find that simply learning where to put your fingers for a G major chord or something similar is actually very easy. You need ZERO musical talent to do it, it’s just like memorizing anything else.

So the first point here is to recognize that you can learn guitar chords within a day or two.

Here’s The Hard Bit…

The hard part is when it comes to changing from one chord to another one. The transitions between chords in songs often happens very quickly, if it takes you time to get all your fingers in place for the chord shape then the chances are that you’re going to be left behind by the song rather quickly.

The main challenge beginners face is they have to really drill and cycle chord changes around and around and this can take many hours of practice time before it finally glues together and becomes fluent. Only then will you be able to strum a long to your favorite songs.

The Easiest Chord Changes To Start Off With Are

I would start by trying to master things like E minor – G

Then you could go for E minor – C where you have a second finger connector to help you.

What about G – Em – C now? Trying to link all 3 chords together. By building up slowly and methodically working on each possible chord change through a variety of progressions you’ll find that within a few weeks you’re chords will start to come together.

Be patient with yourself and avoid trying to rush things. It’s not easy to do and you have to be prepared to work at it!

So Here Are The Chords You Should Concentrate On First

C, Dm, Em, F, G, Am, D, A, E, Bm

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